Frequently Asked Questions 


Frequently asked questions

What are the silver napkin rings made of?

The shiny ones are made of stainless steel. And one of the many benefits of stainless is that, unlike sterling silver or some other metals, it never needs to be polished because it doesn't tarnish!

What are the rusted ones made of?

The rusted ones are made of what's called "mild steel." It's normal, regular steel that will eventually rust if left untreated. But who wants to wait for that?! What I do is heat each piece with a torch, apply a permanent chemical patina, wash them, and then seal them with a clear-caot finish. Because of the heating process and chemical used, each one will have a slightly different patina, which only adds to their beauty and uniqueness. (And FYI, if you happen to mistakenly throw them in the washing machine, the patina won't come off. Just sayin'.)

But what if I want a color instead?

No problem! These can be powder-coated in a multitude of colors. Just think of how many colors Sherwin Williams has, and you get the idea. And what a great way to use your wedding or company colrs to get something truly personal and one-of-a-kind.

I'm getting married and want something special for my bridesmaids/groomsmen.  What would you suggest?

I'm so glad you asked! Gentlemen, do you buddies really need another flask? Why don't you give them something they'll actually use more than once: a Teton belt buckly or a key ring would be perfect! They'll have a great reminder of their trip to Jackson Hole, and will always remember the special occasion that brought them here. And ladies, your bridesmaids would love to get a curved napkin ring -- it's really a 4-in-1 present: it can be a napkin ring, a scarf ring, a cuff bracelet, and even a ponytail holder! Or choose the flat design. Those can be napdin rings, a pendant necklace, and a tree ornament. And the ribbon for the ornament can be either the classic "Jackson Hole" text, or let's choose something personalized just for your big day.

How long does it take to get a custom piece done?

Good question. It really depends on the design, whicfh metal and finish you're using, and how many you'll be ordering. As a rule of thumb, I'd plan on at least 10-12 weeks, but we'll know more once we get those variables worked out.

How do I go about designing and ordering a custom piece?

For custom orders, just contact me and we'll start brainstorming, so I can get a better idea of what you're thinking of. After we talk and decide on waht you want, we'll get the process started. We'll need a 50% non-refundable deposit on any custom order.

We're hosting a corporate event out here and don't want the usual cheap swag.

I understand. We all have boxes and drawers of the stuff lying around collecting dust. You can't go wrong with either the Teton design or your company logo. And in this day and age, how great to have something small enough that won't need to be shipped back home! And unlike a 10-gallon Stetson or some bejewelled cowboy boots, these pieces will be used whether your guests live in L.A., Chicago or the Upper East Side! Now that's money well spent!


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