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This piece was created right after 9/11.  In fact, some metal was delivered to the shop the next day, and I noticed the chalk mark of "9-12" was on one of the pieces.  I was so struck by the timing and meaning of "the next day" and that no matter how horrendous things get, most of us will wake up that next day and do whatever it is we have to do to carry on.  (There is also a painting I recently did that can go along with this piece, and once I figure out how to take a decent photo of it, will be offered with this sculpture.)  (SHIPPING NOTE:  This piece will NOT cost $250 to ship!  If you'll let me know where it will be shipped, I would be happy to provide an exact price.  Thanks for bearing with me while I "tweak" my new site!)

The Next Day

SKU: 0010